Association Marie Le Franc

Cultural information boards have been a feature of the seaboard and gulf area of the Rhuys Peninsula for several decades, instituted at the behest of the Marie Le France Association.

In these places, often concealed, which reflect the tone of Marie Le France’s life with their beauty and poetry, these testaments to her extraordinary life and work enhance the tourist experience and promote a compassionate understanding of the poor yet dignified coastal communities, through texts of a lucidity and generosity which accentuate the surroundings by explaining the history of them.

A total of eleven information panels now comprise this

"Literary walk in the footsteps of Marie Le Franc"

Woman of Letters, winner of the Prix Femina in 1927 for her novel Grand Louis l'Innocent.

Ten of them are on the Rhuys Peninsula, including three new ones.The eleventh is the Papineau Labelle Wildlife Reserve in Quebec, Canada. Their singularity lies in the audio element.

Extracts from Marie Le Franc's works have been selected for each information board; they are read by an actress to the background accompaniment of the Brittany Symphony (by Didier Squiban and Pierre-Yves Moign).

Each numbered space is open to public access by smartphone or computer. English versions are also available. The Breton language of Vannes will form an additional element to the project.
The location of each information board is indicated on the map of the peninsula. You are heartily invited to discover them and enjoy the experience.

The combination of text and music superimposed with views, many of them seascapes, will add incomparable moments of pleasure to your literary leisure pursuits.

An institutional partnership has joined the Association's investment.

The family of Marie Le Franc have given their approval.