Our activities

Our activities cover many different development aspects of this literary heritage, which is a testament to its time and introduces new horizons on which it sheds light. It is also concerned with the perception of Marie Le Franc's character, "enamoured of too many pipe dreams - so many unrestrained escapes" (Chose de France, 1906) as she describes herself.

Republications, book collections, exhibitions, public readings, discussion groups and seminars, memorial houses, cultural outings and evenings, radio broadcasts, poetry recitals and theatrical performances, research, publications, legacies of epistolary collections and their classification, preparing collections of short fiction and news article, contacts with Marie Le Franc's family, etc; these are the essential focuses of our activity.As a consequence, we are also involved in local community initiatives.

There's also our multi-dimensional fundraising effort with institutional partners, without which the projects and the HR teams who construct them would not exist.

The work of the Association is also essential in supplying the requisite influence to support the various projects and ensure they work in unity despite their diverse nature.

Our activities